Burrning stomach fat with a drink

Burrning stomach fat with a drink

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Statistics shown that there was an increase in fatness for  40% in the last three decades. Many weight loss products on the market for the health supplement industry that has taken full advantage of this problem, are available. Since these supplements are mostly ineffective and even harmful, people address fatness to nature.

Doctors say that the achievement of natural balance of the body is the first step, when you start to lose weight.  They say that the body achieves a natural balance when it’s healthy and balanced, and this can only be achieved with the  raw vegetables, fruits and many herbs which are used to compensate the body. In addition, some weight loss experts found a banana drink that can stimulate the body to burn fat.

Recipe: banana, ginger, blueberries, flaxseed, spinach, stevia, ice

Take frozen banana, cup of frozen blueberries, half cup of spinach, one spoon of ginger, 2  spoons of flaxseed and stevia. Blend all ingredients and this healty drink can replace your breakfast.



Every person is different, so the results are different from person to person. But, many people who tried this recipe claim that they lost 2-4 pounds within a few days.