Miracle Diet – Kefir and Buckwheat

Miracle Diet – Kefir and Buckwheat

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You have tried everything and nothing is working. Maybe you should try this kefir – buckwheat diet, because thousands of women were very satisfied with the result.


Why you have to try this diet?

Perhaps the secret of the popularity of kefir – buckwheat diet is that

– It does not belong to the category of a starvation diet,

– Minimum of calories,

– Hunger will not haunt you,

– And the result will give an impressive diet – in a week you can lose up to five kilograms.


How to prepare the buckwheat?

In a bowl, put 1 glass buckwheat and 2 glasses of boiled water. Leave it to soak overnight. In the morning, drain the remaining water.

You can have buckwheat three times a day (or more in the first couple days), half an hour before a meal, drink a glass of kefir (no more than 1,5l per day).

If, after three or four days, you feel that you are no longer able to eat buckwheat, one of the meals can be replaced with a handful of dried fruit or a salad of greens, one apple. Only in this case you will have to refrain from kefir, and drink it within a few hours.

Kefir – buckwheat diet should be carefully and gradually included in the diet of the foods. Repeat diet recommends no more frequently than once every six months, and during the diet, take a multivitamin that does not deplete the body. Drink a lot of water (2l per day). Salt is not allowed. And if you are a coffee addict, can drink one cup coffee or tea per day.

Kefir and buckwheat diet is considered to be safe and this diet does not cause any complications, but if you suffer from some chronic illness, have low hemoglobin or pressure, consult a doctor.

At the end, be patient and persistent.