Secrets of Cinnamon in the Diet

Secrets of Cinnamon in the Diet

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Five hidden health secrets of cinnamon:

1.Heals sore throats & soothes colds

2.Alleviates symptoms of PMS

3.Balances blood sugar – Instead of swinging from one end of the sugar-spectrum to the other, help regulate and lower their blood sugar levels.

4.Clears Up candida infections – In addition to bashing bacteria in the body, cinnamon has potent anti-fungal properties as well.

5.Helps You Lose Weight

How to start taking cinnamon

1.Add a dash to your morning oatmeal
2.Sprinkle some cinnamon on a piece of toast
3.Put a pinch into your cup coffee or tea
4.Toss a teaspoon in a batch of baked goods
5.Make your own spicy apple cider