Six useful tips for losing weight

Six useful tips for losing weight

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Here are some tips about nutrition and weight loss, which can be worth gold when you choose the weight loss.

A food diary

This is a very good way to know what you really eat. Studies that have dealt with this issue have shown that people who regularly conducted food diary lost weight more than those who didn’t.

Measure your meals

The advice is to take advantage of scale or a bowl with a level measuring spoon and measure the food you eat, so you will come to realize how much you eat some specific foods and more importantly if your meals and excessively large, small, or are consistent with the needs of your body.

Increase protein intake

Proteins are essential for the good health of your body. They are the building block of our muscles and at the same time they prevent excessive weight loss. People engaged in running must bring a sufficient amount of protein (approximately 1 gram of protein per kg of weight).

Proteins play an important role in the process of weight loss. The body needs more time to digest, so you feel more full. In addition, proteins regulate blood sugar levels, so you will not be hungry and suddenly have the urge to overeat.

Best racing training for higher consumption of calories

The longer you run, you burn more calories, practice the one LSD (Long Slow Distance) training week.

Interval training is a great killer of calories, since in this type of training you burn more calories per minute. Start training with ten minutes of jogging to warm up. After that, run as fast as you can for one minute and then again slowly for one minute, repeat this five times.

Running uphill requires more effort and therefore burns more calories. Find the hilly terrain for training and visit him once a week or set the bar in the gym on the hilly run by a steep increase.

Put color in your meals

Each meal should be colorful in the sense that it contains different fruits and vegetables. These foods have few calories but are full of minerals and vitamins that are essential for the health of our body. Try that on your plate, you always have as vibrant colors.


Spend risk situations without excessive calorie intake

The party or out with friends

Alcohol stimulates the appetite so beat hunger high protein meal before going out. Do not sit at the bar or at a table near snacks and try, if you need to drink less caloric drinks. A glass of wine is a good suggestion.

Exceptional meals afternoon

Do you eat because you’re really hungry, or you’re just bored? If you answer to this question, probably you will find that in many cases the reason is that you are bored. In these cases, just drink a little water

Celebrations in office

If it is truly a celebration of an important reason, do not refuse colleagues, eat a piece of cake. After that, however, make a compromise. Keep fruits and nuts you have prepared for lunch tomorrow. Put them in the refrigerator or somewhere else out of range, so that you were out of reach.


Eat first plate some healthy food to be fed up. It may be a salad. After that, allow yourself to eat some grilled specialties that do not have a chance to eat often. In this certainly keep the measure and stay away from chips and other snack foods, they have different tastes just because you’re at a party.