Three Quick Brazilian Exercises for a Tighter Buttocks (VIDEO)

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The buttocks does not necessarily have to be the most problematic women body part according to the Brazilian fitness guru Leandro Carvalho who created effective exercises for buttocks lifting done by all Victoria Secret Angels such as Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio.


“Brazilian buttocks exercises” is the name of the several exercises for buttocks’ lifting that has an effect on three main muscles in this area. Moreover, these exercises are very simple and they provide excellent results. And, you can do them in the comfort of your own home or even at work- if the situation allows. Follow these instructions:

Exercise 1

Straighten up and split up your legs in the width of the hips. Duck down in half squat position so that the feet remain flat on the ground, and the knees are in an angle of 90 degrees. Step out toward the front from the half squat position with your left leg, then return in the half squat position, and repeat the same with the right leg. Repeat this exercise 30 times.

Exercise 2

Step out backwards from the half squat position with your left leg. Return in the half squat position and then repeat the same with the right leg. Make 30 series.

Exercise 3

Lie on the side, onto your hip and raise both legs 5 centimeters from the floor. Slowly lift up one leg to the height of your shoulders and then lower it down slowly. Meanwhile, keep the other leg in the air- few centimeters from the surface. Repeat the exercise 30 times, then lie down on the other hip. For maximum results, put weights from 1 kg on the joints.

See for yourself how Alessandra Ambrosio does these exercises and follow her example: