What causes sinus infection?

What causes sinus infection?

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Sinus infections can lead to many undesirable symptoms. Can sinus infections cause dizziness?

Answer is a yes. The resulting dizziness contributes to a sinus infection’s ability to inhibit your activities of daily living. Nasal pain, headache, runny nose, fatigue, congestion, fever, nasal discharges, and double vision are commonly associated with such sinus problems.

What to do?

Prevention is the best cure!

-Treat Your Colds – The common cold is causes of sinus infection. Without treatment, colds can last for one to two weeks.

-Life style Modification – Stop smoking! Smoke is a potent irritant to your nasal mucus membranes, which often leads to infection.

-Increase Fluid Intake – Should also wash your hands regularly to help prevent transmission. Viruses are easily transmitted through hand contact. Good hydration makes it less likely that you will contract an infection.


-Medications – Always antibiotics.

-Allergy Removal – Air conditioning, electrostatic filters to clean the surrounding air.

-Antioxidants and Vitamins – Red grapes and tomatoes are excellent sources of antioxidants that help decrease your susceptibility to infection. You need vitamins.