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When you focus on losing a few pounds, you begin to ingrain some healthy habits that last for a lifetime. Experts recommend several things which you cannot do if you want to lose some weight.

Drink Water before Each Meal

Drinking one or two cups of water depending of your needs before starting your meal will make you feel full right away. This will stop you from overeating and it will also keep you full fit.

Remove Refined Foods

Start by cutting out items like store bought potato chips, cookies, ice cream, candy, and fries. If you’re eating five of these foods a week, try to go down to four or three. You can chose nuts, Greek Yogurt, steamed broccoli, oranges, whole grain chips, baby carrots, and other fresh fruits and veggies.

Absorb More High Fiber Foods

Consumption is not all that bad if you are eating to healthy food. For example, instead of chips, cracker or French fries you can go for whole seeds, grains, nuts and fresh fruit salad. High fiber foods will make you feel filled quickly and it will also help you eat fewer calories.

Get More Sleep

If you don’t sleep sufficiently, if you will feel sufficiently  all day which will avoid you from working out and taking the steps necessary to complete your weight loss goals. Also, a number of studies have suggested that loss of sleep can result in consuming more weight.