How To Cure Varicose Veins With The Help Of Tomato

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Varicose veins are an issue which many people face with. The methods of Russian folk medicine are considered to be very effective and you have probably heard about that. However, now we offer you one prescription more, which is kind of unusual but effective one.


Tomatoes are known for their beneficial properties but not everyone is familiar with them. One of those beneficial effects which tomatoes have on our health is the healing of varicose veins by using the tomatoes themselves. There are two types of tomatoes (green and red ripe tomatoes) and the both can be used for this purpose. Now, we will provide the two ways of healing of varicose veins by using these two types of tomatoes, respectively.

The treatment of varicose veins with green tomatoes

This treatment is very simple. First, you need to wash and cut the tomatoes into slices. Place the slices on the vein capillary network and the nodes of varicose. You can tie some plaster if needed. What you will feel after a while is a tingling sensation on the skin. If the burning sensation is something that you cannot stand, remove the slices and wash the skin with cool water. You can see the result very soon if the whole procedure goes well.  It is recommended to repeat this procedure five times a day.

If you repeat this procedure five times a day in a row for two weeks, you will see the results. The nodes, the capillary network, the swelling and the pain will just fade away.

The treatment of varicose veins with ripe red tomatoes

This treatment is also very simple and very similar to the previous one. The procedure is as follows: Wash and cut the ripe tomatoes into slices and put them on the nodes of varicose. Tie some plaster if needed and leave it like that for 3-4 hours.  You need to change the slices with new ones after a while. It is recommended to do this procedure in the evening or at night, to your preference.

There is not a strict period for how long this treatment should last and it is up to you.  You can even do it for whole summer in the combination with the previous one.

Why do tomatoes have so many healing properties? It is so, because they contain a substance which is very similar to aspirin. This substance (acid) dilutes the blood and does not give it stagnation because it is an anticoagulant. Moreover, the flavanoids which the tomato contains strengthen the blood walls.

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