How I Cured Uterus Tumor: A Woman (56) Revealed A Powerful Mixture Of Three Ingredients! (RECIPE)

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mixture of three ingredients, to be taken three times a day for one spoon, half an hour after a meal.

A woman named Veselin Stevic was detected by myoma (tumor) on the uterus. After examining and predicting a doctor, she decided to try to cure it naturally.

She heard about the natural remedy of aloe vera so she decided to apply it for some time and see what would happen. After some time, she went back to the overview and remained in wonder.

“After using alojin juice, the myomas are completely gone,” says the woman.


“For the treatment of oncological patients who need a diet with a lot of vitamins, I recommend a mixture of 100 grams of aloe juice, mixed with 500 grams of minced walnuts and 300 g of natural honey,” Veselin says.

Keep the mixture in a cool and dark place.


Otherwise, aloe vera has been known as a medicine since ancient times and it was noted that even for Cleopatra, Aristotle, Alexander the Great, and King Solomon used it for medical purposes.
The thought of Christopher Columba is well known:

There are four plants that are essential to man: wheat, grapes, olives and aloe vera. The first food, the other gives joy to the heart, the third provides harmony, and the fourth man looks healthy. ”

In India, this powerful plant is used for more than 5,000 years because it is believed to help treat tuberculosis, asthma, stomach ulcer, rheumatism, all diseases of female reproductive organs and even cancer.