How to avoid colds that brings autumn???

How to avoid colds that brings autumn???

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You are exhausted and susceptible to colds? Sleeping only a few hours at night, you spend the whole

day at work, no time to have quality, healthy meal? You weakened the immunity due to

improper way of life, and there are a few things that are essential to protect your health.


Lack of sleep and stress will increase the number of cortisol in your blood and significant impact on

your immune system and the whole body. For a quality way of life and a better state of health is very

important to have enough sleep and to be rested.


As you know cigarettes are so damaging that can cause bronchitis, pneumonia and ear infection. In

addition, it is scientifically proven that cigarettes reduce life.


Drink less alcohol. Excessive consumption of alcohol damages your immune system and affect the

liver and lungs.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables will provide you with all the extra energy and vitamins you need. Adults who

consume fruits and vegetables regularly inĀ  body have formed antibodies that protect them from

many diseases.


Nutrition is one of the most important factors affecting your health. It is very important that you take

Food which will boost your immunity.


For years, people have used the onion to defend against many diseases. Studies have shown that

people who eat a lot of onions are resilient and recover more quickly than those who

do not eat it at all.


Carrots can help to ward off seasonal colds and viruses. These vegetables are full of beta carotene,

and for a better immune system eat fresh carrots.


Spinach contains the most vitamin E, but next to it there are vitamins A, C and K, beta carotene and

iron. All nutritionists recommend spinach for better immunity.