Shirt Chinese Secret Finally Revealed! Removes Gallstones In Just 7 Days

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Under the liver on the right side of our abdomen, is located the gallbladder, a small organ of only 4 inches, pear – shaped. The function of the gallbladder, bile lies in store composed of fat, and cholesterol liquid substance, which helps break down food when they reach the intestine.

In short, the gallbladder is the organ that helps the work of the digestive organs easier, when you break down ingested food. That is why when the gallbladder does not work well, begin to manifest severe digestive disorders in the body. Today we’ll show the great Chinese secret finally revealed, to remove gallstones (gallstones) in just 7 days.

Chinese doctor, Dr. Lai Chiu Nan, came up with a wonderful natural recipe to remove gall stones easily, quickly and permanently, and best of all is that effectively remedy is giving great results! Know then this powerful Chinese natural remedy to eliminate gall stones in just one week.


Powerful Chinese secret to remove gall stones in just 7 days

The gallstones are formed in the gallbladder and cause a lot of pain, swelling and sometimes vesicular cancer also. Recent investigations have shown that most people with gallbladder cancer have previously suffered from gallstones.

If you notice that after every meal you feel something heavy, swollen, with pain in the abdominal area or your digestion is too slow, it is likely even to get gallstones.

But do not worry, Dr. Nan has given us the perfect natural method to remove gallstones, and also to help our liver functions. Followed to the letter the treatment of 7 days you show then to remove gall stones in just one week.

  • The first 5 days of treatment:Take 4 cups apple juice (per day) or eat each day 4 to 5 blocks.
  • On the sixth day:Do not eat at night and 18 hours, drink a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) dissolved in it. Repeat the same procedure at 20 hours. Then at 22 hours, drink half a cup of olive oil mixed with half a cup of freshly squeezed lemon.

It is likely that the next day, notes some green stones in your stools.

“My patients often are 40, 50 or even 100 stones” says Chiu Nan.  “Even if you do not have any symptoms of gallstones, you can take advantage of this natural resource. It is always good to have strong and healthy bladder “, clarifies us Chinese doctor.

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