Warning!!! A heart attack can be predicted even months before: Your hair warns you, and here’s how

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The Heart attacks are one of the common causes of death in America and all over the world, and unfortunately they still are. That’s why it is very important to spot the symptoms of a heart attack before it happens, but it is only possible to recognize only few months before it happens and to react accordingly. Therefore, for this purpose it’s very significant to learn how to do the massage of our body.

Do you know that every change in our body, prepare to be surprised, is remembered in our hair, including this. It is important to know that high levels of stress hormone known as cortisol can be indication to heart attach even months before it really happens.

Based on recent studies published by the scientists from Canada the financial problems, problems in marriage and problems at work can significant increase the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases, and they believe that have found out that there is a biological sign witch can predict a heart attack.

Usually, cortisol, a stress hormone can be measured through the blood, urine and saliva analysis, but all examples showed levels of cortisol in the days and hours leading up to the analysis, say professors Stan Van Mind and Gideon Koran of the University of Western Ontario.

But, with hair as an indicator is a bit different. Hair is growing approximately one centimeter in month, and strand long 6 inches can show a level of stress for longer period.

This was showed from analysis of hair samples from 56 people who have had heart attack, and those results were compared with the results of analysis of hair samples from men who were suffering from some other diseases, and have not had a heart attack.

Source: www.healthyfoodheadlines.com